Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gaining a better perspective

The words "I am not my body" keep ringing in my head time and again. They are from a woman I have never met, yet I can't forget them. I wonder what she means, finally I crack and find out. This is her story of courage and love. I hope we can always remember the importance of what we are doing as she so well reminded me. Thank you Stephanie.

I shared this with my 4-year old daughter who, like most little girls are very concerned with being "pretty". She cut her own her to be "pretty", and now gets upset because it is not "pretty" and long yet. I explained about what happenes to your skin when it gets burned, she was very curious. I asked her if she thought this lady was beautifull and she said "yes", and said I should be more like her. That was a good moment. Thank you Stephanie for letting her know about "pretty".

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