Thursday, March 17, 2011

May Day = Family Plan

For May 11th. We are going to talk about having a family plan. I am really excited and have a ton of information. If anyone has anything they would like to share as well I would love it. If you have any questions or more ideas please let me know.

We will also learn about:

Monday, March 7, 2011


Please leave a comment about anything. Anything you would like to do, learn, or if you have any ideas to make sugarbeets better. Thanks to everyone for all of your help.

Celtic Stencil Art

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We would need to get some nice stencils to do this one, but I have watercolor paints and brushes, and craft paper depending for the matte. This one is displayed in a glass-clip frame.

Fridge Frames

Items needed: magnets, decor paper or scrapbook paper, foam board, glue, paint.

These are super cute and really easy. Simply cut out your desired frame shape and apply chosen paper covering, fold paper to cover inside edge and paint outside edges. You are free to emelish as your heart desires. To finish apply magnet to back of frame. For more detailed instructions visit or

Recipe Book Cover

Items needed: Binder (either recipe or paper $2-5), fabric (may draw from my collection), plastic cover available in the sewing area at walmart.

This will take you back to the good old school days when you had to cover your text books. It's pretty much the same technique only it's covered with fabric and whatever embilishes you wish, and then a protective plastic cover.