Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Book Ideas - Let's have some fun!

Picture framed guest book, adjust size according to crowd.
Scrapbook style guest book,
could be bound or pages loose to accomidate larger crowds.
Light ink is harder to read, consider using lighter paper and darker ink.
Quilt guest book
Squares could also be loose and sewn together after
Printed photo guest book
Notebook style guest book
Allows a pic of the guest to include with message

Printed photo guest book
My brother in-law had these pages at his wedding/reception.
It is a loose page with space for advice, selt portrait drawing, and to share about the day and bride and groom. Is a little more time consuming, might be good for the wedding party.
Card style guest book offers a wide range of deocrating ideas
and is easy to add to a scrapbook or save with other wedding memorabilia.
Larger cards do the same and offer space for some embellishments while still keeping it simple
Fingerprint guest books are fun and make great pictures.
Could do something with hearts or even flowers.
Or ballons....
It's your wedding, make it your style and create some lasting memories.